Chittagong Port Authority Tender Notice 2024

Code: SL53K 211

Tender/EOI Name:

Chittagong Port Authority Tender 2024

Tender/EOI Description:  Chittagong Port Authority Tender 2024 Invitation for e-Tender Notice

Tender Selling & Submission Date : 05 May 2024



Chittagong Port Authority Tender 2024
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What is the procedure to get the Chittagong Port Authority tender?

According to google, To participate in tenders issued by the Chittagong Port Authority (CPA) in Bangladesh, interested parties must follow a set procedure outlined by the authority. Here’s a general overview of the typical procedure:

1. **Registration:**
– Before participating in CPA tenders, businesses and individuals must register with the Chittagong Port Authority. Registration requirements may include providing company details, legal documents, and other relevant information.

2. **Obtaining Tender Documents:**
– Tender documents, including the invitation to tender, instructions to bidders, terms and conditions, technical specifications, and any other relevant documents, are typically available from the Chittagong Port Authority’s procurement department or website.
– Interested bidders may need to pay a fee to obtain the tender documents, which vary depending on the tender.

3. **Pre-bid Meetings (if applicable):**
– CPA may conduct pre-bid meetings or site visits to provide bidders with an opportunity to clarify any doubts or seek clarification regarding the tender requirements, technical specifications, or terms and conditions.

4. **Preparing and Submitting Bid:**
– Bidders must carefully review the tender documents and prepare their bids in accordance with the specified requirements.
– Bids must be submitted within the stipulated deadline and in the prescribed format, along with any required bid security or earnest money deposit.

5. **Bid Opening:**
– The Chittagong Port Authority conducts a formal bid opening session on the specified date and time, where bids received from eligible bidders are opened in the presence of representatives from participating companies.
– The bid opening process ensures transparency and fairness in the evaluation of bids.


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