Dhaka North City Corporation Tender Notice 2024

Code: SF55K 165

Tender/EOI Name:

Dhaka North City Corporation Tender 2024

Tender/EOI Description:  Dhaka North City Corporation Tender 2024 Invitation for e-Tender Notice

Closing Date : 20,27June  2024

Last Selling: 26 June 2024


Dhaka North City Corporation Tender 2024
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What is the procedure to get Dhaka North City Corporation Bangladesh tender?

Securing a tender from the Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) in Bangladesh follows a structured process. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you understand how to participate and secure a tender from DNCC:

### 1. **Identify Tender Opportunities**
– **DNCC Website**: Regularly check the official website of Dhaka North City Corporation ([www.dncc.gov.bd](http://www.dncc.gov.bd)) for tender announcements and notices.
– **Tender Notices**: Look for tender notices in local newspapers and online portals where DNCC tenders may be advertised.

### 2. **Registration**
– **Vendor Registration**: Some tenders may require you to be registered as a vendor with the Dhaka North City Corporation. Check the tender documents or contact DNCC for information on vendor registration requirements.

### 3. **Download Tender Documents**
– **Access Documents**: Download the tender documents from the DNCC website or any other designated platform where the tender is advertised. Ensure you have all related documents to understand the requirements fully.
– **Review Carefully**: Thoroughly read the tender documents to understand the scope, technical specifications, eligibility criteria, deadlines, and financial terms.

### 4. **Prepare Your Bid**
– **Technical Proposal**: Develop a detailed technical proposal that addresses all the requirements specified in the tender documents. This may include project plans, technical specifications, and compliance with standards.
– **Financial Proposal**: Prepare a comprehensive financial proposal with a detailed cost breakdown. Ensure your pricing is competitive and aligns with the project’s budget.

### 5. **Submit Your Bid**
– **Electronic Submission**: If available, submit your bid electronically through the designated platform or email address provided in the tender documents. Ensure all required documents are uploaded in the correct format.
– **Physical Submission (if required)**: Some tenders may require physical copies of documents. Follow the specific instructions provided in the tender notice for any hard copy submissions.

### 6. **Attend Pre-Bid Meetings (if applicable)**
– **Pre-Bid Meetings**: Participate in any pre-bid meetings scheduled by DNCC. These meetings provide an opportunity to ask questions, seek clarifications, and understand the project requirements in detail.

### 7. **Bid Opening**
– **Electronic Bid Opening**: The bid opening process may be conducted electronically if bids are submitted online.
– **Physical Bid Opening**: If specified, attend the bid opening session at the designated location to observe the process.

### 8. **Evaluation**
– **Bid Evaluation**: DNCC will evaluate the bids based on technical and financial criteria specified in the tender documents. Be prepared to provide additional information or clarifications if requested during the evaluation period.

### 9. **Award of Contract**
– **Notification**: If your bid is successful, you will receive a notification of award from DNCC.
– **Contract Signing**: This will be followed by the signing of a formal contract with Dhaka North City Corporation. Review the contract thoroughly and ensure you understand all terms and conditions before signing.

### 10. **Post-Award Obligations**
– **Project Execution**: Execute the project as per the contract terms, ensuring compliance with DNCC standards and regular reporting as required.
– **Communication**: Maintain regular communication with DNCC officials to address any issues or provide updates on project progress.

### 11. **Payment**
– **Documentation**: Ensure all deliverables are completed and documented as required to facilitate timely payment.
– **Follow-Up**: Follow up with Dhaka North City Corporation for any payment-related queries to ensure you receive payment as per the contract terms.

### **Additional Tips**
– **Stay Informed**: Keep track of any amendments or addenda to the tender documents.
– **Ensure Compliance**: Make sure your bid complies with all stated requirements to avoid disqualification.
– **Maintain Good Communication**: Maintain good communication with DNCC officials for any clarifications or additional information needed.

By following these steps diligently, you can enhance your chances of successfully securing tenders from the Dhaka North City Corporation.

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