Local Government Engineering Department Tender Notice 2024

Code: SF55K 289

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Local Government Engineering Department Tender 2024

Tender/EOI Description:  Local Government Engineering Department Tender 2024 Invitation for e-Tender Notice

Last Selling Date: 19 July 2024


Local Government Engineering Department Tender 2024
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What is the procedure to get Local Government Engineering Department Bangladesh tender?

To obtain a tender from the Local Government Engineering Department (LGED) in Bangladesh, follow these detailed steps:

1. **Registration**:
– **E-GP System**: Register on the Electronic Government Procurement (E-GP) portal of Bangladesh at [eprocure.gov.bd](http://www.eprocure.gov.bd). Registration is mandatory for participating in public tenders.
– **Company Documentation**: Ensure your company has all necessary documents such as trade license, VAT registration, Tax Identification Number (TIN), and relevant certifications.

2. **Tender Notices**:
– **Monitoring**: Regularly check the E-GP portal, LGED website, and national newspapers for tender notices. The LGED website is [lged.gov.bd](http://www.lged.gov.bd).
– **Subscription Services**: Consider subscribing to tender alert services to receive notifications about new tenders.

3. **Downloading Tender Documents**:
– **Access**: Log in to the E-GP portal to download tender documents. Ensure you understand the eligibility criteria, scope of work, and submission requirements.

4. **Preparation of Tender**:
– **Bid Preparation**: Prepare your bid according to the instructions in the tender document. This includes a technical proposal, financial proposal, and all required supporting documents.
– **Compliance**: Ensure your bid is fully compliant with the requirements. Incomplete or non-compliant bids are typically rejected.

5. **Bid Security**:
– **Bank Guarantee**: Obtain a bid security in the form of a bank guarantee or pay order as specified in the tender document. This is a crucial component of your submission.

6. **Submission of Tender**:
– **Online Submission**: Submit your tender through the E-GP portal before the deadline. Ensure all documents are correctly uploaded.
– **Physical Submission**: In some cases, you might also need to submit hard copies of certain documents. Follow the specific instructions provided in the tender notice.

7. **Tender Opening**:
– **E-Opening**: Tenders are typically opened electronically on the E-GP portal at the specified time.
– **Transparency**: The process is transparent, and you can view the opening results on the portal.

8. **Evaluation**:
– **Technical and Financial Evaluation**: The tenders are evaluated based on technical merit and financial offer.
– **Clarifications**: Be prepared to provide any clarifications if requested by the tender evaluation committee.

9. **Award of Contract**:
– **Notification**: If your bid is successful, you will receive a notification of award.
– **Contract Signing**: Complete the formalities of contract signing and provide any required performance security or bonds.

10. **Execution**:
– **Project Execution**: Begin project execution as per the contract terms.
– **Compliance and Reporting**: Maintain compliance with all project reporting and documentation requirements.

### Key Points to Remember:

– **Adhere to Deadlines**: Ensure all submissions and responses are made before the deadlines.
– **Ensure Accuracy**: Double-check all information and ensure forms are correctly filled out.
– **Thorough Preparation**: Prepare your bid and support documents meticulously.

Following this process carefully will help you successfully participate in LGED tenders in Bangladesh.

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